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With over 89% of Kiwis using the internet, its obvious a website is a key business sales & marketing tool.

Businesses with a fresh, modern website, benefit from increased credibility and are more likely to grow their business.

Why spend thousands on a single print ad? Especially when you're up against the big players with full page spreads and a website. An online marketing plan isn't only affordable, it’s much more effective.

It’s a matter of perception.


It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ your product is or how amazing you are at what you do. It all comes down to perception. We as humans all have different perceptions of things in our environment.

Therefore at RAZOR Web Design, we craft our websites around changing peoples perception of a business. Making them realise and understand the true value they add to their clients.


Matt Reid

We do things right, first time...


  • All our websites are designed by hand, every single time
  • We pride ourselves on customer-service
  • We have a diverse skillset from web design to ecommerce and marketing
  • We include a user-friendly system for editing your website
  • All sites are mobile, tablet and desktop friendly (responsive)
  • We have been around since 2007 and have a known, trusted name

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