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Do you own my website, social media pages etc?

Once you have paid your initial invoice for the creation of your website and/or social media pages, we give you full ownership of this property. Meaning you aren't "locked-in" to RAZOR if you ever decided to go elsewhere in the future.

Can you help with just one area of my business, like Marketing only?

Definitely. If you already have a website and established brand, we are more than happy to work with that and just provide marketing / social media strategies and campaigns. Alternatively, if you already have marketing with another provider, and just want your website looked at, we are happy to assist with this too.

My current website content is out of date, can you help?

We can review your current website and depending on it's setup we can most likely make changes that you require. Whether it be updates to content (text, photos & links) or a general overhaul of the design and functionality.'

We generally assess this case-by-case and suggest the best option for your budget and time-frame requirements.

How long does it take to show at the top of Google?

The time it takes for your website to appear on page 1 of Google depends on a number of factors. It depends on the search phrase people are using to find your website and the number of other websites that are also available for those search phrases. Nobody can truly say how long it will take for your website to appear at the top of search engine results pages (including people who actually work for Google), however there are a number of factors that can improve your chances. Creating unique and interesting content on a regular basis for your website is also critical to increase your visibility amongst search engines. Launching your website and then forgetting about it is a surefire way torn get lost amongst the noise!

We are happy to talk to more about your search engine strategy if we haven’t already.

Who hosts my website?

RAZOR Web Design uses a hosting provider in Auckland city that is New Zealands biggest hosting company. Our servers are backed up daily and have several different data-centres that load the content to the user as efficiently as possible.

Can you keep my new site up to date?

If you're busy and would rather RAZOR Web Design look after your new website content updates, then that is something we can do. We can do as little or as much updating of the site as you'd like.

Who owns my website once paid for?

We give the client ownership of their website once paid in full, therefore they can host / transfer the site to a provider if required without any licensing fees. Since you paid for your website, you own it! We don't lock you in like some web designers.

Can I update my website myself?

Yes, all our websites except the 'Single Pager' are updateable via a built in administration area. So when you've got a computer & internet connection you can log in and update page contents, photos and more! The team at RAZOR can assist with training on how to do this.

Where are you based?

We are based in Pukekohe, about 40 minutes South of Auckland's CBD (can be longer during peak traffic times). We can visit you if you need.

I'm not based in Auckland, can I still work with RAZOR?

Yes, we have clients all over the country and in fact off-shore too! Whether you're in Ohio or Perth we can work with you!

What are the on-going costs?

Each websites running costs can vary. However most websites we build cost just $42+gst per month to run. This also includes your domain name fee too. So its a simple, single flat monthly fee.

If you host your website elsewhere, then you will have likely no on-going fees unless you have us make changes for you.

How long does it take to make a website?

Making a website is a detailed process, from design to launch. Most basic websites (from 1 - 5 pages) take generally 3-6 weeks. Ecommerce websites generally take 5-8 weeks and custom websites can take up to several months to build depending on the requirements.

Times vary mainly on how the customer likes initial designs & how frequently they make contact with us. We can build to deadlines that you set us.

Do you build Wordpress websites?

WordPress is a very common CMS platform used by many websites worldwide.

  • While we are very experienced in WordPress do not choose it as our main platform. However we can assist with:
  • Host and maintain WordPress websites
  • Update content and add pages to WordPress websites
  • Fix errors / glitches

In some cases we may suggest a new website depending on what the state of the current WordPress website is in. Or if you do not have a website already, we will show you our alternative platform which is far easier to use and quicker loading than a WordPress website.

Do you create Shopify websites?

Yes! RAZOR has expertise in Shopify and has developed many Shopify Ecommerce sites over the past several years. We have access to an array of themes that can be used as well as the know-how to customise Shopify using their 'liquid' coding language too.

We also can offer expertise in regards to suitable Shopify plugins you can use to achieve certain outcomes in your online store.

Do you create Shopify themes?

While we can create Shopify themes, we generally do not due to the amount of work required to do so. Many clients can find a suitable template pre-made, readily available on the Shopify website. RAZOR can customise these to your requirements.

What pages should I have on my website?

When building a website, there are several factors which determine what pages you have. We recommend you get in touch with our expert team who can more suggest your best sitemap structure. However, if you click here you can download our special 'page picker' guide!

How do we know what content to put on our website?

RAZOR knows how difficult it can be for clients to decide what wording should be factored into their website. Thats why we include copywriting support for each new website build, to ensure well written, engaging content is created for your potential customers to read on your new website.

Are your websites mobile friendly?

Definitely. Since 2013/2014 all our websites have been made mobile friendly by default.

Do I have to pay for my project in full and up-front?

We can offer interest free split payments over 3 months depending on overall costs.

Do you have a referral program?

If you are a strategic partner, such as a business coach, accountant or graphic designer, we do have a referral program in place already where you can get rebates for work you refer to us. Please contact us to see how we can help.

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