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Your brand is the first interaction a customer has with you, make an impact

RAZOR has over 15 years in branding experience, and have created well over a hundred different brands in that time, with many still standing the test of time to today.

Key aspects of a strong brand is something that stays relevant and modern, even after 10 years. Have a brand that can stand out amongst others, and more importantly is memorised by the observer. Finally, a logo should really reflect what you do in some way, be it through the choice of font / typography, or the use of iconography and colours.

RAZOR is your local branding expert.

Michael working at RAZOR office
Ryan working at RAZOR office

What is the process?

  • DiscoveryWe want to know more about what you do, and who your ideal customer is - we will also revise any existing branding you have
  • ResearchWe will look at what others are doing in your local area, and also industry, to understand how we can make you stand out
  • Initial concepts We will create a handful of initial concept ideas for you to review - these are simple unrefined ideas to get some options on the table
  • Revisions & changesOnce we have a confirmed concept it will be refined with your feedback, into a more complete logo.
  • CompletionAfter your new brand is completed we move into finalising and creating the suitable brand guidelines to go with your new brand before it’s launch!

Some of the brands we worked with

APS Firewood Logo
Blackwood Montagna Logo
Hulk Electrical Logo
Fixed Fit Fast Logo
Corner 99 Logo
Snub Nosed K9 Logo
Voice Media Logo
Waikawau River Fishing Bach Logo

A diverse team of designers at your beckon call

RAZOR’s diverse team of designers are here to help create a fresh, modern, impactful brand that engages your target clientele.

Every designer brings their own unique aesthetic and style to the table, therefore RAZOR is proud to have a designer that would be able to work with literally any business!

WIth our years of experience, we have refined not only the quality of the product available, but also the process in which you, the client, goes through. Creating a new brand or rebranding an existing identity is no doubt a copious undertaking and therefore it is important the process is done strategically to ensure a noteworthy brand is conceived.

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