Our wonderful team

Diverse range of experts in various areas help create the quality service and results our clients expect.

Client Relations

Caroline Whittaker - RazorCaroline Whittaker - Razor

Caroline Whittaker

Office Manager

Michael Chal - RazorMichael Chal - Razor

Michael Chal

Client Relationship Manager

Web Team

Louis Rodgers - RazorLouis Rodgers - Razor

Louis Rodgers

Senior Developer

Daniel Brodrick - RazorDaniel Brodrick - Razor

Daniel Brodrick

Full-Stack Developer

Ryan Saunders - RazorRyan Saunders - Razor

Ryan Saunders

Creative Designer

Wafaa C Rose - RazorWafaa C. Rose - Razor

Wafaa C. Rose

Front End Web Developer

Razor - Tony DinhRazor - Tony Dinh

Tony Dinh

Front End Web Developer

Razor - Shania TaylorRazor - Shania Taylor

Shania Taylor

Content Writer

Razor - Jack ZhaoRazor - Jack Zhao

Jack Zhao


Rebecca Farrell - RAZORRebecca Farrell - RAZOR

Rebecca Farrell

Designer & Business Development

Elizabeth Qiu - RazorElizabeth Qiu - Razor

Elizabeth Qiu

Web Project Manager

Luke Rooney - RazorLuke Rooney - Razor

Luke Rooney



Matt Reid - RazorMatt Reid - Razor

Matt Reid

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Chanelle Reid - RazorChanelle Reid - Razor

Chanelle Reid