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Give your business the best chance of
being found online with AI-assisted SEO

With over 15 years experience in search engine optimisation, our team understands how search engines like Google and Bing work. With RAZOR, you can expect a detailed plan suited to your business needs, executed by a real human and AI-assisted SEO, to generate higher rankings faster and at a lower cost than conventional SEO methods.

We understand that SEO can be a costly exercise. So, we have developed unique packages, applicable to any sized website, that generate results for small businesses and fit into your monthly cash flow.

Ask us about our innovative, AI-assisted SEO plans - starting from just $369+GST per month!

How do we use SEO to improve your online ranking?

  • Website Improvements We update your website to improve its on-page performance, remove dead links, optimise load times, and build internal links. 
  • Customer Engagement Our SEO service delivers content that is relevant to your business and audience. We create a balance between SEO incorporation whilst retaining value for your customer.
  • Outreach & Backlinking Quality links are still a key ranking factor. We ensure your business is connected to the right sites, networks, and locations, strengthening your own online presence.
  • Modern A.I. SEO Assistance We use innovative AI driven SEO strategies to generate similar outcomes expected of traditional SEO experts - for a much lower monthly cost!
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Improve your online potential

It has been proven that SEO has a 12.9% higher successful conversion rate than traditional outbound methods such as cold-calling or direct mail - highlighting the importance of integrating SEO into your long-term marketing strategy.

Set the foundation for future success

Admittedly, SEO rarely delivers results overnight, but with the right approach, even small adjustments can make a big, big difference. With our help, your business will see results within three to six months.

If you need quick results to increase visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads, check out our marketing services.

Increase your online visibility with RAZOR’s AI-assisted SEO...

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