Case Study: Web

Victory-Up E-Sports Website

Turning a intricate vision into reality

Victory-Up came to RAZOR with a new and exciting concept to build an online hub for gamer's in Oceania. The V-Up Team’s vision chose to go beyond simply creating a functional platform for gaming. They desired to create a rewarding community experience for casual gamer's and the opportunity for competitive gamer's to gain experience and grow their brand as an individual or E-Sports team.

Example of the V-Up Homepage

Adaptable, Scalable, Forward-Thinking...

RAZOR's brief was to design and create a complex website that put the end user experience and possible future development as foremost priorities. Through the concept, design and development stages, RAZOR worked closely with the Victory-Up team to ensure RAZOR stayed true to their unique vision.

As RAZOR were conscious of delivering a website that would be as adaptable as the online gaming industry itself, we set the foundation for future growth across multiple aspects of the site. RAZOR incorporated advanced database management features, sophisticated membership functionality and detailed tournament analytics.

V-Up Logo Banner

Putting RAZOR to the test...

The build for Victory-Up was one of the most challenging, and rewarding projects RAZOR have embarked on and were ultimately proud to see the community of Victory Up gamer's has grown substantially. Casual players are earning rewards for simply doing what they do best, gaming. The previously untapped talent pool of competitive gamer's in Oceania now have a platform from which to launch their E-Sports careers.