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Tereza Murray Franchising

Forward thinking evolution

Tereza & Steve Murray from Tereza Murray Franchising (TMF) are experts in creating franchise from small businesses looking to grow and expand in New Zealand and Australia. RAZOR started working with TMF in 2019 and continue to support them in a number of areas for their business.

TMF is forward thinking and driven to continuously improve how they do things in their business and how they appear to potential customers. RAZOR was tasked with designing a more modern brand logo for TMF in 2023 and with that a new web presence. (read more below)

Website by RAZOR on Macbook Pro

New brand image & direction

Tereza Murray Franchising has over the years developed and refined the model of helping businesses franchise, and with this came the new brand design for TMF as well as the new website. RAZOR also aided TMF in showcasing more client testimonials and accompanying imagery - to help further ensue trust in TMF to new potential leads visiting the website.

RAZOR has with direction from TMF, utilised more engaging visual iconography and imagery in their digital presence. Primarily by taking what was once just ‘text’ and making it more appealing and eye catching to the reader.

RAZOR continues to work with TMF to develop their growing franchising system company.

Project by RAZOR
Website by RAZOR on Iphone

Website refresh, without a full rebuild

With RAZOR having already built and hosting TMF’s existing website, they made a strategic decision to simply ‘refresh’ the existing website, rather than do a more costly full rebuild of it.

The client worked with the RAZOR web design team to create a new look and feel, and then had this integrated by RAZOR’s developers. This was seamless and quick, having a set deadline of just 3 weeks after commencing the project.

RAZOR prides itself on doing whats best for the client, and in this case an attractive website was achievable without a full ground-up rebuild and thus saving the client extra redevelopment cost.