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Pro-Tect Training

A company focused on its people...

Pro-Tect Training is a company within the Pro-Tect Traffic group - a well established traffic management company based in Auckland offering professional traffic management plans and execution for councils, utilities and businesses needing these specialised services.

Pro-Tect is focused on carreer development within its workforce, and as part of this training was a key focus for them. RAZOR has built a informational website focused on their training courses offered and also give direction as to how people can get started and progress in the industry.

Website by RAZOR

Unique brand & position

Pro-Tect was founded by Lauren Sherwin who has been in the space for well over 20 years now having established back in 2003. Lauren positions the company unique to others in that it has a strong, passionate workforce and vision that is astray from the common, cliche ‘traffic management’ company operation.

Pro-Tect Training further shows their unique position and focused vision on building careers for those in the traffic management space... The training website is focused on helping those new to the industry and/or considering a career path - understand what they need to do to get involved and upskill in this space.

Project by RAZOR
Website by RAZOR

Website & animation

RAZOR followed direction from the client in delivering a website that was catered to their requirements. From using subtle colours, to capturing and utilising specific imagery for the various web pages.

RAZOR was not only tasked with delivering the photography required to make the website “pop”, but also focus on creating a simple animation on the homepage showing their “stop-go man” animating with the lollipop sign. RAZOR was able to deliver all these unique aspects in-house.