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User-Centric Design for an Innovative Job Management Software

Razor Case Study - Magnetize Job Scheduling Software

Magnetize is a job management software for businesses needing to schedule people and equipment.

Magnetize keeps management simple with purpose-built solutions transforming Kiwi businesses’ day-to-day operations in the trades, construction, and civil industries.

After a ground-up rebuild of their application, the opportunity to revamp the business’s website arose. The reimagined site needed to serve two key business objectives. Communicate the purpose and value of the software’s features and functionality, and help further establish the Magnetize brand’s visual identity in an increasingly crowded and challenging market.

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Razor Case Study - Magnetize

Drawing on customer research insights, RAZOR’s design and development team crafted a website that places the prospective end-user at the centre of the experience.

By employing pre-defined audience personas, the content on the site is thoughtfully segmented to address individual customer challenges and provide targeted product feature information. Helping support Magnetize’s goal of delivering a consultative sales approach through their website.

Razor Case Study - Magnetize - ProDrill Project

I’m writing to let you know how thrilled we are with Michael and Ryan’s work on the new website.

I was conscious that with Michael coming onto the project there were risks in that our aspirations could get lost in translation and that Ryan who had done a great job on the last website might find it hard to reset an start a fresh. These are real risks I have encountered on many projects.

Michael has added immense value and bought a new dimension of skills to Razor and this project. Ryan has proven what a professional creative he is. Keep up the great work!

  Paul Lyons

The visual design of the website seamlessly integrates Magnetize's branding and the software UI/UX,

ensuring a cohesive and recognisable extension of the brand. Bold colours and dynamic elements help guide visitors along informative, ultimately guiding them to take action and reaching out to Magnetize to start their journey toward better business management.

Razor Case Study - Magnetize