In a landscape dominated by giants, the small players of New Zealand's grocery scene have been doing it tough.

Constrained by limited options, neighbourhood dairy and local corner shops have struggled to provide their customers affordable, diverse product selections. Having to rely on re-selling items bought at retail prices, they understandably mark up these products to account for time spent shuttling to and from supermarkets, standing in queues, and navigating the retail hustle alongside the general public.

KwikMart offers a visionary solution to address these challenges for small businesses and reshape the status quo of grocery retail in New Zealand. With the mission of arming group members with a sustainable and competitive model, KwikMart is rekindling the spirit of local commerce across New Zealand and empowering our dairy and local corner shops to pass on real value to their local communities.

kwikmart swirl
Kwikmart branding by RAZOR

Building a Strong Brand

At the core of this transformation lies RAZOR's branding team, tasked with the challenge of crafting a brand identity for KwikMart that resonates beyond aesthetics. Every stroke of design, hue of colour and choice of font is a nod to the feel-good nostalgia many Kiwis associate with a trip to the dairy - making for a friendly, welcoming and refreshed representation of a local corner store.

Kwikmart Photography by RAZOR
We have worked with the Team at Razor for around Four years, they are a key technology partner and crucial to our organizations success. Razor have provided services that have been crucial to us building a bespoke, cloud based reporting and billing portal, website and App solution. All are designed to work seamlessly together.

  Ed Ellison

The KwikMart concept spans beyond digital, incorporating sales collateral, signage and POS displays.

RAZOR’s goal was to create a consistent representation across all design assets, photography and written content, delivering a complete and marketable brand in the process. Helping support KwikMart’s vision to entice stores’ involvement, develop key partnerships and poise the brand to begin generating awareness with the public.

Kwikmart photography by RAZOR