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Razor - Blanchard Case Study
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When Ken Blanchard Companies, an international leader in management training based in the USA, underwent a sweeping rebrand, it ignited a ripple of transformation across its global network.

Here in Aotearoa, Blanchard NZ eagerly embraced this evolution and reached out to RAZOR with a crucial task - to craft a vibrant corporate website that aligned with the new global brand identity while catering to the unique requirements of its local market.

Blanchard NZ’s mission was two-fold. Firstly, to seamlessly integrate the new global branding while ensuring it resonated with local audiences. Secondly, to equip the website with a robust suite of features essential for promoting their diverse training services while targeting a range of New Zealanders, from the general public to small and large corporate entities.

Razor Case Study - Blanchard Imagery

RAZOR’s web team set out to provide a dynamic online presence that would complement its global identity.

The website Seamlessly blends fresh, global brand aesthetics with subtle New Zealand nuances and creates an impressive, inviting and resonant digital representation.

Razor case study - Blanchard NZ
The Team at Razor have just finished building a website for me, The service I received and communication was flawless throughout. Razor's Team handles the marketing for the company as well, It is a hassle free process while creating awesome content!

  SAS Builders - Shaun Spillane

The finished website is also a powerful tool, offering an array of functionalities to cater to Blanchard’s diverse clientele.

It is an informative hub detailing the spectrum of courses and training, allowing visitors to book programs effortlessly. For those seeking knowledge, it houses a rich resource section and knowledge base.

Razor Case Study - Blanchard Imagery