Case Study:   Web   Design

Autocard Web Application

Custom database & dashboard development for fuel card transaction reporting...

RAZOR in 2019 was commissioned to help design and develop from the ground-up a fuel card management portal for Autocard. This system was developed essentially from scratch and was a key part of the service that Autocard was offering its clients.

The development involved building a number of unique features that no other providers on the market (in both New Zealand & worldwide) could offer. RAZOR assisted Autocard in not only developing the system, but also creating suitable marketing collateral for the business, based on the branding Autocard had created.

RAZOR worked with 3rd party providers to help overcome integration challenges and ultimately the new solution was developed on-time and on-budget.

RAZOR has continued to this day to further enhance the package, including developing mobile apps for the client.

Example of Autocard App