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With a focus on technology, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence,

Advanced Group brings together a formidable ensemble of companies Advanced Security, IT Engine, Cablenet, and ASG Technologies. A dynamic and forward-thinking set of businesses, the group delivers cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled services across multiple industries.

In a strategic move towards greater synergy and to mark a pivotal chapter in their corporate evolution. Advanced Group entrusted RAZOR with a transformative project - to bring together its four distinct sister companies under one digital roof. Improving user experience and delivering an impressive representation of their brands and services in the process.

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Taking the reins, RAZOR’s web team managed a complex project with three distinct challenges.

Firstly, visually represent Advanced Group’s set of businesses and their brands within one fully responsive website. Secondly, improve the information architecture to provide existing customers and the general public with user-friendly navigation and content structure. Finally, when complete, put the new website live without casting a shadow over any of the businesses' hard-earned visibility on search engines.

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The Team at Razor have just finished building a website for me, The service I received and communication was flawless throughout. Razor's Team handles the marketing for the company as well, It is a hassle free process while creating awesome content!

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The culmination of this project resulted in a cohesive, user-centric digital hub for Advanced Group,

The culmination of this project resulted in a cohesive, user-centric digital hub for Advanced Group, which empowers their businesses to convey their collective strengths while offering a streamlined and engaging experience for all users. Visually, each brand's individuality remains distinct while harmonising with the overarching parent brand. Notably, the website launch process meticulously managed by RAZOR safeguarded the online presence of each business.

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