5 Mother's Day Marketing Ideas reference image

Mother’s Day rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars every year in sales worldwide. It’s one of the biggest shopping periods during its lead-up, so it’s essential if you're a retail store with products suitable for the lovely mothers out there, that you have a relevant and effective Mother’s Day campaign.

Here are 5 quick ideas on what you can do to promote this Mother’s Day!

1. Create a cool 'Mother’s Day' gift-box bundle of products!

What do we get Mothers for Mother’s Day? Gifts of-course! So,if you have a creative collection of products available, consider boxing themtogether into a boxed & wrapped (ready to go) gift for mums. This makes it easy for those who leave it to the last minute, to still leave an impression,plus you can sell more product in one sale and therefore ask a higher ticket price!

2. Email your customers a 'top 5 mother’s day idea' list!

If your shop has a creative array of knick-knacks or cool-creations,consider putting a ‘Top 5 cool products for Mother’s Day’ email. Send this toyour existing client email list, this will prompt those who haven’t organised a gift yet, to jump at one of your cool products, make sure its unique andstands-out! Perhaps include a free shipping coupon for your return customers!

3. Offer a free Mother’s Day gift with any $100 purchase

If you’re not in the retail of products necessarily related to Mothers (let’s say you sell Fishing Gear) – offer a free Mother’s Day Giftas part of any purchase $100 or more… This not only helps drive up your potential sales – but it means those get what they want – and sort their mothersgift at the same time! (win for your customer, win for their mother – hopefully!)

4. Offer free 'gift wrapping' with any purchase for Mother’s Day!

Why not consider gift wrapping free of charge for the Mother’s Day period – not only does it save time for those who are hopeless at gift-wrapping (like myself) but it also puts you above the competition who may not offer this – it’s a convenience at the end of the day, and the customer can rest assured their purchase is wrapped and ready for Mum!

5. Offer a unique, funky Mother’s Day Gift Voucher

We all love vouchers – they’re a simple and easy way to buy for Mum. A lot of online shops still don’t offer Gift Vouchers. So, if you’re not already, make sure you give customers the ability to buy a pre-set valued Gift Voucher online. Also, take it a step further: design a cool, creative voucher template that can be printed on a nice thick card stock and sent to the customer. While technology is great, nothing beats a nicely presented, tangible gift voucher… print it and ship it free to your customers – this will get more interest than a plain-ol coupon-code!


Little things can help make all the difference, adding value to your customers purchasing experience or offering them advice that will help them get something cool for their mum, will win their sale just as likely as offering 50% off… which at the end limits your potential sales!

Jot down a plan of action, generally you want to have this in place as early as possible, because some people like to plan quite far ahead, whereas some of us leave it to the last minute... so the more you can plan in advance, the more you will potentially be able to sell!

For more advice speak to me – and let’s put an effective plan in place – be it for Mothers Day or any other holiday / season like Christmas!