Write Your Content From Your Audiences Perspective reference image

When it comes to writing content, many business owners write content that is in "their perspective", meaning translating the message across to the client becomes difficult, meaning less sales - less money through the door. Structure your content in a simple, clear form that your clients will understand, rather than how you would logically understand it.

Think about it; if you're web designers like us, normally we would refer to a website that is more information based and has contact details for a company on it; as a 'CMS information website'...this makes sense to us, however when a client is looking for a simple website for their business, they would search and most likely refer to it as a 'brochure website' or 'information website', rather than a 'CMS' site or something more 'techy' like that.

I had a client who is an interior designer; they said "we refer to blinds and curtains as window treatments"... people generally don't search "window treatments"; they search "curtain measure & quote", "curtains nz". So WRITE your content in relation to what people would search for rather than what YOU would call it. You're selling to people who generally don't know and don't need to know the technical terminology or 'industry' terminology for your product / service.