What is Remarketing? Why should I use it? reference image

Many people are often amused and amazed when the browse the web and find various things they previous looked at, following them around. This is commonly attributed to being ‘co-incidence’, ‘bizzare’ and in some cases ‘meant to be’. People don’t realise that what they think maybe some ‘universal’ force is simply a method used by advertisers called ‘remarketing’.

Remarketing, put simply, is where you ‘re-market’ your business to people who have already interacted with your business.

If you sell clothing, and someone browses your website - shopping around for their next new dress… you can make it so that your clothing store appears to those potential buyers over the next 30 days or so.

The great thing about remarketing technology is you can repeatedly get your brand in front of your potential buyers, where your competition disappear into the abyss. By constantly showcasing your brand and products to potential buyers, you’re increasingly cementing your brand in their mind. So that when they do come to buy, they think of you first!

Another great benefit of remarketing is you are advertising to potential buyers - not ‘joe public’. Meaning your advertising spend on remarketing is well utilised, they’re only showing to people have already looked at your website!

How much does it cost you say?

Peanuts! Remarketing is very cheap compared to search network ads (i.e. Google Search Ads). Remarketing campaigns have cost-per-clicks of as little as 1 cent! Thats nuts! (No pun intended)

Who should use Remarketing?

Essentially any business that works with products and services that are purchased regularly or have a long ‘decision-making’ time. This includes: product retailers, builders, car dealers, real estate agents, consultants etc… When there is an extended decision-making time required or the product / service is consumed regularly by the masses - remarketing is beneficial.

Who should avoid using Remarketing?

I recommend that any business offering a product or service that the consumer needs NOW, avoid remarketing.

This is commonly plumbers, electricians, lawyers etc… Most people who for example need a plumber NOW, aren’t going to wait a few days generally. They need someone NOW. Therefore if you’re a plumber, it’s highly likely that when your business starts popping up a few days later. The issue they were having has already been fixed. They don’t need a plumber anymore!

Save your dollars - and stick your budget into search ads only!

Remarketing is a very important marketing method to advertising your products and services to potential customers. However, its not suited to all businesses, so choose wisely whether remarketing will work for you.
It also requires a bit of a setup that most can’t easily tackle without some DIY spirit and a few hours up their sleeves… If you think remarketing may work for your business talk to us or get in touch with a digital marketing expert!