The Power of the Web - It's Not Just for Remarketing reference image

Most people when you ask them ‘what should a website do for a business?’ will often answer ‘help market and promote a businesses products and services’. Which in basically every case is true - however, a website for marketing purposes is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential power web technology has to offer.

Most of us nowadays hear about everything being ‘cloud’ based - this basically means your data is stored on remote servers and is therefore accessible anywhere - anytime. Rather than having it stuck on your computer at home - you can be overseas and access your business data on-the-fly at anytime. The web is the gateway to having the ability to extend your businesses data and processes into something far more effective in means of really streamlining and automating the manual, laborious processes many businesses do at present. As a result of automating, you’ll also find your profitability rocket!

So many businesses still in this day and age do not utilise the power of the web let alone the holy computer itself! Day-in-day-out I see companies doing things manually that should be done by a computer. I like to ask people when they talk to me about ‘cloud’ or ‘software’ programs for business.

1. What are you doing at the moment that you hate doing in your business.

2. What are you doing at the moment that takes ‘ages’ and doesn’t make you a sent (i.e. GST returns, manual invoicing…)

3. How much is that wasted time really taking up over a day, week, month and year?

4. If you broke down how many hours you work a week, how much of that time wasted is proportional to the amount you work a week?

5. OK so whats the lost potential if we work out how much I make, and

how much I could make if that time was better utilised and not wasted?

Confused? Let me give you an example.

Melissa spends 1 hour a night loading her paper receipts into her accounting software.

Melissa is open 5 days a week, therefore we can assume she spends 5 hours a week on invoicing.

Melissa currently makes on average $2,700 a week from doing 6 appointments a day average.

OK - so thats the example so far. Now with the power of technology - how easily could Melissa save that 5 hours a week wasted? Easily. Get rid of the ‘manual receipt’ process and go digital by using a ‘point of sale’ software or system like Zulu that I have built over the past few years.

Melissa now uses an automated point of sale tool that INSTANTLY puts her receipts into her accounting software. Therefore she saves up to 5 hours a week.

Now if Melissa simply put that 5 hours a week into extending her opening hours by an hour a day - she could potentially MAKE another $540 a week! Thats basically her rent, power and water covered in a flash - and she's doing what she likes, not boring manual invoicing!

Its little tiny changes like that which have a profound effect on not only her lifestyle but also her income. Think about it $540 a week extra - thats another $2340 a month, $28080 a year, by ONE simple change.

Talk to us about how you can easily make more money, and enjoy your business more - using the cloud!