Make a Christmas Retail Plan reference image

Yes Christmas is just a month-and-a-few days away however you still have time to get a 'plan' in place to ensure you make maximum opportunity of this time of the year.

E-commerce sites unfortunately don't realise the potential at Christmas time, and tend to leave there site as its been, not thinking about a smart plan to help weave some more sales through the checkout prior to Santa hitting our roofs.

When people are shopping for Christmas gifts, they're generally looking for a) a good product and selection and b) a good price or promotion that sticks out! So retailers who have their website looking plain & stale will suffer from less engagement.

However, find a website that is glittered in Christmas paraphernalia and has '20%-30% off promotions' running - they are going to get more sales.

What I'm trying to say is ADAPT your website to the season and other seasons. If its Easter, do an Easter promo, have a featured Easter product. If its Valentine's day, do a featured product for then.

Obviously depending on the industry you're in somethings won't relate i.e. a farming supplies shop can't do much for Valentines day - but you'll get my direction.

Research and observe your competitors and the big market players, see what they do to get inspiration. However, don't just be that big 'special special special' hooter - try incorporate some more creative techniques into your promotions.