5 Things To Include On Your Email Signature reference image

Your email signature is one of the most important pieces to your emails you do to prospects and clients. Many businesses use an email signature not just to ‘sign off’ the email but also now to further market and promote their business.

Now, most companies today STILL don’t use an email signature! They don’t sign off their emails, they have no logo, no contact details - how annoying is that? Don’t you ever find yourself frustrated when trying to get in touch with a business and find their emails only have the persons name you were talking to listed and that’s it?

With the correct though-process and correct setup, an email signature can be a lucrative tool to help promote business growth and return customers.

Here are 5 things you can include on your email signature to help make it easier to sell more and grow your business.

    1. Include a ‘p.s.’ offer

Remember on old-school letters we’d have a “P.S. Here is my special message” type sign-off at the bottom?Well studies show that these are often read before the actual main message! Because they stand-out at the bottom. Consider including an offer in your P.S. message. For example if you’re a Lawyer: “P.s. If you haven’t updated your will lately, then reply to this message and i’ll give you 2 wills for the price of one!” or if you’re a Mechanic: “P.s. We have an OVER supply of oil! We need to get rid of it! Bring your friends & family in and they’ll get FREE oil with their next vehicle service”.


It’s not hard to ask! Many email signatures while they may have a logo on them, still don’t have actual good-old contact details! If you’re a shop, include your address and opening hours. If you’re a 24/7 clinic, make sure you highlight that you are 24/7!

If an existing or new client is in a rush and wants your service / product NOW, they don’t want to have to go hunting around Google for your details. If you can simply have it all pre-loaded on your email, then the customer simply needs to open the last email and grab your details there.

So many times I find myself frustrated, not being able to find someones contact information!

    3. Don’t make it too BIG

Email signatures by default should only really be a small addition to the bottom of an email. In some cases nowadays they’re half a page! Make sure your email signature is not wider than 600px, and no taller than 400px. I generally make my email signatures around 600px by 200px.

Remember, large email signatures equal large file sizes! Which means, slower loading times. Internet speeds are lightning fast nowadays so you probably think it doesn’t matter! However, its more due to the fact that an email signature thats of larger file size will eat up your servers mail bandwidth, plus your recipients mailbox size. Meaning you can’t send as bigger emails as you could have once done before! You are also at risk of your email being rejected by their server because it can be perceived as more ‘spammy’ too!

    4. Your Photo

Yes, your photo! Put your photo on your email signature. Make yourself identifiable easily to recipients. If you’re in a business with multiple staff, a friendly photo helps build rapport and gives your prospects and customers a face to the name rather than just being an ‘invisible’ person behind an email address.

Just a simple, clean photo will do, nothing larger than 150px is ideal. If you have email signatures for multiple staff members, make sure they’re all uniform and consistent. I.e. Don’t have one team members photo in the Bahamas and one of them against a boring-ol’ white wall! Make sure you have consistency and keep them professional.

    5. Social Media

If you’re not already on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… then you’re likely missing out!

Anywho, make sure you include your social media icon on your signature so people can click through and see what you offer.

If your social media is updated with the latest offerings, then you may just find some potential customers see what you’re offering over and above what they’re already doing with you! So its crucial you link in your social media to your email signature - oh, and your website too of course!


If you don’t already have an email signature - just consider the five points here. If you do have an email signature, reflect and think about what you can do to improve it! I bet you haven’t got your photo on yours!