2018 - What Will You Achieve? reference image

With yet another New Year now upon us, its that same process most of us go through: What is our New Years resolution? Most of us set goals for our personal lives and also business. However, not many people spend the time to break their goals down and put smaller 'sub-goals' into place that help achieve their overall goals. So if you're looking to grow your business this year, I've got some helpful areas you can focus on to boost your digital marketing efforts.

Use Social Media

If you're business is in an industry that is dealing direct with consumer, I highly recommend you focus on ONE social media platform. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Consider the type of service you offer - if its heavily visual (like you're a make-up artist) perhaps consider using Instagram since its more visual based. If you are a lawyer, then obviously using Facebook would make much more sense. Avoid managing lots of platforms by yourself, just do one platform and do it well. Update it once a week minimum!

Focus on Mobile

Mobile is still trending up while other devices like the conventional desktop and laptop are trending down, so make sure your website is FULLY mobile friendly. If you skip this you will seriously miss out, it does not matter what your industry, it is now a requirement.

Ensure your menu is easy to access, ensure your phone number is prominent, make sure your font and buttons, images are all correctly scaled so they're easy to read.

Content Marketing

Consider using content marketing as your main source of focus this year. What do I mean by that? Focus on doing something more creative, write content, video content, record content that relates to your business and industry you work in. For example, do a monthly update on your website blog "10 tips for new businesses starting out" or "things to avoid when building a new home".

Post your content on various platforms, like Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube etc... Build a following as an 'expert' in your field and you over time will start to reap the benefits of appealing to your following as an expert, so you'll attract their business. No, you won't attract everyones business, some might not be able to afford it, maybe they are doing it themselves. But those that do, will be very willing to pay for your service because they see you as a total expert in your field.

Mail Automation

I've been using this for nearly 2 years now - and I believe its one of the most critical tools to integrate into your business. You may have already hundreds of previous customers you haven't touched base with, or you may have fresh list you've been building from potential business enquiries over the past few months.

Mail Automation is what it says it is. It emails automatically relevant content to your potential clients for you, with no need to manually send these out. This saves you time and makes clients & prospects feel appreciated. Therefore if you're keeping in touch and your competition isn't, then they're going to more likely keep in touch with YOU over them. Simple. Feel free to ask me about the mail automation software.