Building a Website: Things You Should Consider reference image

Lots of new clients over the years asked me 'what is the main things to consider when choosing a web developer'.

Obviously I could go into lots of detail but you're probably busy like me, so here's a quick numbered list (in no particular order)

  1. Make sure you get a developer who knows coding; most use visual editors and don't know actual coding, making it very limited for YOU to get what you want exactly.
  2. Check that you can edit the site yourself, its very common but some developers still charge extra for the ability to edit your site yourself, instead of paying the developer to do it (which may be pricey!)
  3. Ensure the website developer sets up your website to work on mobile devices, this very important with Google moving to 'mobile-first' indexing.
  4. Ask the developer who owns the website in the case of you moving your site elsewhere? Is it free to move? Do you have to pay hundreds of dollars just to leave? If you leave you may be empty handed so check you CAN take your site with you.
  5. Check what the on-going costs are, most developers generally charge from $20-$60 per month for hosting. Generally you shouldn't pay in my opinion more than $40 unless your site has special functionality or has lots of traffic.
  6. Finally, check your developer has been around a while, has good reviews and isn't a fly by nighter. Since the web development industry is easy to get into, you may find yourself unlucky as lots of development companies are quick to close or change direction, putting your website in limbo or potentially loosing it.

Most of the above pointers have been formulated by the simple fact i've dealt with hundreds of clients over the years who have often complained of their previous developer charge over the top, going incognito without a trace or just not getting things done efficiently.

Don't make the mistakes lots of Kiwi businesses do when getting a website. Make an educated, informed decision!