Make your Website Design Brighter with These Trends in 2021 reference image

When it comes to website designing, there are some never-ending trends you have to watch out for. Because the tech industry is booming every day, coping with the trends is crucial to stay in the competition.

2020 was not our year, as we all were washed in hand sanitizers, wearing masks, and conducting online video meetings. Still, the website designers from around the world did a great job ensuring the success of their business websites.

Top Website Designing Trends to Look for in 2021

Technology is transforming real quick and so are the website designing trends. The features and styles that were once used to make any website standalone aren’t noticed nowadays.

Fortunately, website design trends are updated quickly to make websites user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, fully functional, and aesthetically beautiful.

With that said, let’s discuss the top website design trends to make your 2021 brighter.

Here we go!

1. Page Load Speed

Doesn’t matter if it’s 2015 or 2021, page load speed is still the first and foremost website design trend. Website loading time is the most important ingredient for SEO and designing.

If your website follows all the search engine algorithms but is super-slow in page loading, you are nowhere in the competition. The users now look for websites with ultra-fast page loading time, and it’s the top feature you can’t skip.

When designing your business website, ensure to check the website load time and page load speed. These are the elements that add a sense of uniqueness and professionalism to your website.

NOTE: Websites that take more than 3 or 4 seconds to load are not liked by users anymore. The visitors will leave immediately and won’t come back ever again!

2. Unique, Innovative, Enjoyable Animations

Don’t add too many animations as it will make your website less realistic and more kiddish. Animation can make any website surreal and innovative, and it’s still on the list of website designing trends 2021.

Objects moving faster on the screen, background disappearing, micro-changes, and gradient effects have made their way into website designing trends. The users love it!

NOTE: While adding animations, make sure the website is performing well, responsive, unique, and enjoyable.

3. 3D Resolution Designs

3D visuals have come a long way! Creative website designers show their love for 3D in their creative designs, and it just looks brilliant.

The blend of three-dimensional shapes, colorful layout, and unique design elements can make your website impressive. We all know that website design, page speed, and ease-of-access matters a lot when it comes to ranking. But, 3D visuals, when added to any web page, make the website unique and cool for sure.

NOTE: 3D visuals can slow down page load speed, so go for the designs that load faster. You don’t want to lose customers while prettifying your website.

4. Scrolling Effects

While vertical scrolling was always the backbone of website designing, the horizontal scroll feature is the growing trend in 2021. Particularly the image-based websites are following this trend to make their website different.

Now the website designers have started experimenting with scrolling effects too. This feature might not be liked by everybody, but it looks cool and makes the website special and exciting.

NOTE: Adding both horizontal and vertical scrolling features to the website will be great. You can add arrow buttons for easy navigation!


There you have it! These are the top 4 website design trends to look for in 2021 but the list does not end here.

Following these trends can make your website appear exceptional overall while ranking higher. Go for it!

Transformation is important to retain customers and attract visitors. Nobody appreciates boring and outdated website design standards. So, go for the world-class designs and make it worth!