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Spartan HQ

  • Auckland
  • Health & Fitness
  • 2018
  • Website
  • Design, Development

Reflecting a strong brand image...

A primary goal for this project was to deliver a consistent brand identity in line with Spartan’s chosen art direction. Spartan came to us with an already established, epic brand image. Our team of experienced, creative designers took the clients detailed, hand-crafted assets and seamlessly integrated those elements into a site that successfully supported and expanded the aesthetic.

Spartan HQ website

Tailored Content

The visual elements of a website design gives potential customers their first glimpse at your business or organisation. The content informs them of who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

With Spartan HQ, we first ensured information was presented on the site to showcase the gyms facilities and services. This fundamental content ensured their website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) performed well.

Beyond this we chose to include content focussed on converting the client’s ideal customer; someone committed to making a change to their health and lifestyle, losing weight, toning-up and building muscle. We incorporated detailed and encouraging case studies, that function as compelling social proof of the results Spartan delivers to its customers.

Taking it up a notch

One of the design challenges creatives face, is to deliver something that helps their client stand out from the competition. We find many websites are often overly complicated in their design or functionality and become difficult to navigate. On the flip-side, others blindly conform to the latest industry trends and become indiscernible from the crowd.

Our experience in web design and marketing strategy means we understand how to approach projects that deliver results for a range of business and branding needs.
Spartan HQ is an example of a website that delivers the owner a complete and effective business tool without compromising the ambitious spirit of their brands vision.

Spartan HQ website

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