Case Studies

Longkeeper Farm

  • Auckland
  • Horticulture
  • 2019
  • Premier Website
  • Design, Animation

Fresh Microgreens, Fresh Website

Longkeeper approached us to design and develop a website as part of a new campaign to promote their microgreens to the nation. This campaign aimed to take their culinary products beyond the purview of the Chef’s table and into the kitchens of home cooks.

The site we were tasked to build had to establish and expand on the brand identity Longkeeper had recently created. The supporting visual elements we employed were developed to reinforce the brands reputation of uncompromising quality.
Our attention to fundamental design principals of colour and texture would mirror the clients own sophisticated execution of a foundational farming practice. The overall site design was created to appeal to both connoisseurs and general foodie types.

The client supplied photography was carefully curated to showcase their product to the highest possible standard. Our selection process aimed to communicate the brands commitment to low impact farming and agricultural best practice.

Longkeeper Farm website

Images tell a thousand words

Photos are crucial to creating a professional online profile for any business, Longkeeper delivered with high quality photos to compliment the various content being communicated on their website.

Digitally organic...

Our main objective with the Longkeeper website was to convey and portray the organic / pure / quality composition of their product range, and help convey the desire of their produce to Chef's and restaurateurs wanting to complete their menu dishes.

Throughout the design of this website, we incorporate lots of natural colours and textures to help achieve an organic look. Again, thanks to the clients fantastic imagery, we were able to easily achieve this appeal.

Longkeeper Farm website

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