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Swim School

  • North Island
  • Training
  • 2020
  • Business Website
  • Design, Development

An award-winning swim school client, wanting a fresh look...

A long-standing client of RAZOR Web Design, Fulton Swim School rebuilt their latest website in 2020 with a full new design that simplified their predecessor website.

Provided with a basic mockup / wire-frame, RAZOR Web Design cultivated the final layout with their in-house design team, then built-out the website using the latest Zulu platform available.

Fulton Swim School website

Getting the most from each location

Fulton Swim School has various locations throughout New Zealand, so the website was built to help encapsulate all the schools into one website, thus keeping the management of the businesses online presence simplified over the original setup where we had multiple websites setup under various names for each location.

Within the Fulton Swim School website we setup a locations tab, that allows user to clickthrough to their preferred location and view specific contact information, images and a map of where to find them.

An eye-catching design

Fulton Swim School is all about having fun learning to swim, and is primarily targeted at young parents and children wanting to learn and improve their swimming skills. Therefore, rather than a having a very 'corporate' standard looking business website, we created something far more engaging to both parents and children, without coming across as busy or cluttered.

Fulton Swim School had a collection of high quality imagery and illustrations that allowed us to create this unique, engaging design.

Fulton Swim School website

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